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Rockland Photography Club celebrated 50 years in 2021!  As far back as 1971, club members were offering workshops and providing opportunities to improve their skills.  

Meetings back then were held at the Greenbush Presbyterian Church on Western Highway, Blauvelt, NY.  Over time, the meetings were moved to the Clarkstown Community Center, Zukor Road, New City, NY.

Below are several articles from the club’s beginnings that talk about various exhibits held back then.  We even have some of the older pictures shown below.  The club continues to share their images at different events, such as libraries or local art shows.   Follow our exhibits page to see where you can find us next!

RPC Articles from 1980s
Journal News - Feb. 13, 1981
Journal News - March 27, 1981
Journal News - Jan. 8, 1982
Our Town - March 31, 1982
Journal News - May 7, 1981
Journal News - June 18, 1987
Club Member Photos from the 1990s
Brooklyn Bridge - Manfred Wagner
Dead Tree - Harry Schmerl 1991
GWB Cables - Harry Schmerl
Old Piano - Hanna Konig