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The Rockland Photography Club is open to all photographers, beginners to professionals. Anyone who has an interest in sharing their images, developing their skills and participating in field trips should consider joining.

The club meets on multiple Thursdays a month at 6:30 PM for Workshops and Evaluations.  As you know, during these Covid times we are Zooming, however,  when possible, we try to meet in person at Street (Clarkstown) Community Center, 31 Zuker Rd., New City, New York from September through May.  Check out the 2023-2024 calendar to see  all the club activities.,

Workshops & Presentations
Evaluations for All Levels

Each month we hold one or two educational meetings,  typically a speaker or a workshop. These meetings focus on photographic techniques as well as the post-processing tools. If you are an expert, the Workshops/Presentations will help you stay current, and if you are a beginner, they are a great way to advance your knowledge and expertise. 

Another meeting held each month is an Evaluation, with each month having a different subject, such as nature, people, landscape, street photography, or abstract. For a list of this year’s topics, see our calendar.  

Evaluations are normally held in four formats, monochrome prints (B&W), color prints, monochrome (B&W) digital and color digital.  However, during COVID only digital monochrome and color can be entered.

Evaluations are not competitions; however, you will receive an evaluation rating and feedback relative to your skill level so you can track your progress.  Even if you do not enter an evaluation, attending a session and listening to the feedback others receive will help you grow your skills.

Members can begin to participate in the evaluations immediately upon joining.  We have three skill levels: 

  • Beginner – A member who has little to no experience with cameras, photography, or image editing software. Photographers in this class are encouraged to make use of the mentoring program hosted by senior members of the club.
  • Advanced – A member who has been photographing for a while, has a working knowledge of the basic features on their cameras, and are familiar with digital workflow and image editing software. Any new member may opt to join this class when joining the club.
  • Salon – A member who is experienced and skilled in all aspects of photography. This member has to earn entry into this class by receiving an average end-of-the-year score in the Advanced skill level evaluations of 7.5 or higher with a submission of at least 18 images.

The club also offers a mentoring program for new members who want help understanding how to use their cameras. They can also get information regarding post-processing and learning how to enter an image in evaluations. New members may be referred to knowledgeable members in the club with similar equipment or software. 

Please use the Contact Us form to get connected to a Mentor.