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The New Jersey Federation of Camera Clubs (NJFCC) 

Over eight hundred amateur photographers, from local clubs in NJ, NY and PA, come together as part of The New Jersey Federal of Camera Clubs (NJFCC).  As a participating club in NJFCC, RPC member images can be entered in the NJFCC inter-club competitions held throughout the year.  Awards are presented as:  Medal/Top, Merit, and Honorable Mentions.  Below are some of our member’s winning images:


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Spring Pictorial

April 2022

Black Hut Under Northern Lights - Colette Cannataro - Merit
EGG WHITES AND BLACKS - Barbara Socor - Honorable Mention
Kolkata Woman - Andrea Swenson - Honorable Mention
Aging Gracefully - Linda Kontos - Honorable Mention
At The Still Point - Barbara Socor - Honorable Mention

Spring Nature

April 2022

Nigella - Lori Henderson - Honorable Mention
The Dalia's Heart - Lori Henderson - Honorable Mention

Winter  Pictorial

February 2022

Two Faces - Van Gogh - Monet - Craig Croth - Honorable Mention
Tulip in Vase - Lori Henderson - Honorable Mention
Steam Dream - John Young - Honorable Mention
Cup Spillith Over - Lori Henderson - Honorable Mention
Wilson - Pam Grafstein - Honorable Mention
Misty Morning at the Barn - Colette Cannataro - Honorable Mention
Rainbow Ice - John Young - Honorable Mention

Winter  Nature

February 2022

Sunrise at Teardrop Arch - Sasa Lin - Medal Award
Autumn Paradise - Angelo Marcaialis - Honorable Mention

Fall  Pictorial

October 2021

Barbara Socor - Orange Crush - Merit Winner

Fall  Nature

October 2021

Veronica Yacono - Future Queen - Honorable Mention
Contemplating Cub - Colette Cannataro -Honorable Mention


Spring Pictorial

May 2021

Shattered Impressions - Pam Grafstein - Honorable Mention
Vortex Buttons - Craig Groth - Honorable Mention
The Castle Hill Lighthouse in Newport - Debra Wallace - Honorable Mention
Sunrise Over Fishing Village - Sasa Lin - Honorable Mention
Windows on the Agean - Andrea Swenson - Honorable Mention

Winter Pictorial

January 2021

Mosque Window - Andrea Swenson - Merit Award
A SHOT IN THE DARK - Barbara Socor - Merit Award
OLD GOLD - Barbara Socor - Honorable Mention
The Beach at Autumn - Debra Wallace - Honorable Mention

Winter Nature

January 2021

Down Patrick Head At Sunset - Collette Cannataro - Best in Show (Color Division)
Portrait of a Prince - Veronica Yacono - Honorable Mention

Fall Pictorial

October 2020

IRIS - Lori Henderson - MERIT AWARD
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