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Field Trip Images

Rockland Photography Club members enjoy participating in various field trips throughout the year.  They can pick and choose to attend based on their interest in the selected location and their availability.  It’s a great way to practice our skills and get to know each other better.  Unfortunately, due to Covid 19 restrictions, the number of field trips are limited.   Below are some images from past trips.

Ringwood Manor, NJ

February, 2023

Ringwood Manor is a National Historic Landmark District, having historical importance spanning from Native American occupation through the early 20th century. The surrounding Ramapo Mountains’ rich magnetite iron deposits made the area a major iron supplier and became the home to a succession of ironmasters for over two hundred years. 

Sunflower Farm Maze & Milky Way

August, 2022

Liberty Farm in NJ has lots to photograph between wild flowers and wild birds.  Our members gathered for a sunset shoot and then stayed on to shoot the Milky Way.

Hudson Highlands State Park

October 2021

50 miles north of NYC, this state park provides opportunities for hiking and capturing images of fall colors.  Bald eagles and other wildlife can also be found within Hudson Highland’s natural abundance and spectacular views. 


NJ Lottery Festival of Ballooning, NJ

July 2021

The NJ Lottery Festival of Ballooning is the largest summertime hot air balloon festival in North America.  We had permission to be on the field with local media as the pilots are preparing their balloons for launch.  It was a lot of fun and afterwards we enjoyed breakfast together.

The Met Cloisters, NY

July, 2021

Club members got to experience the Cloisters’  medievil European architecture and gardens.  You can see through these images their sensory experiences through realism and narrative storytelling.

Nyack, NY

March, 2021

Members of RPC had an opportunity to tour various sites in Nyack, NY.  We were fortunate to have one of our members, Lee Hoffman, be our tour guide as he has been part of Nyack’s Historical Society for many years.  We covered the village’s historic architecture, retail stores that offer unique gifts, a vibrant street and river vista venue, and many other opportunities for interesting details of all kinds.

Red Mill Museum

December, 2020

In early December, 2020, the club offered a field trip to the Red Mill Museum located in Clinton, NJ.  The site has over 200 years of history.  It includes a 4-story grist mill and several other buildings which showcase approx. 40,000 objects that reflect its time as an industrial mill, wool processing plant, and peach basket factory.